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All Together Theatre - THE 2014-2015 SEASON

ALL TOGETHER THEATRE, The family series at Live Theatre Workshop, proudly presents its 2014-2015 Season of Original Musicals:


Sleepy Hollow And the Ride of the Headless Stick-Horseman

An original story by Richard Gremel

With original music and lyrics by David Ragland

September 7 – November 9, 2014

Sunday afternoons at 1:00 PM

A fun adaptation of Washington Irving's classic tale: There is a new school teacher in Sleepy Hollow, and he is the bumbley and awkward Ichabod Crane. Ichabod must compete against Brom Bones to win the heart of the mayor's beautiful daughter, Katrina Van Tassel. The story concludes with a hilarious ride of the headless horseman. This play is full of kid-friendly spookiness, thrills, and chills that will have the audience’s heads rolling with laughter!



Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree: A Christmas Sing-A-Long

An original story by Richard Gremel

With live music by Michael Martinez

November 30 – December 21, 2014

Sunday afternoons at 1:00 PM

It is almost time for Christmas and everything is nearly ready. Everything, that is, but the Christmas cheer. Dance, sing, and rock ’n’ roll while you help Santa, the elves, and a couple of clumsy reindeer raise the cheer in time for Christmas.



The Snow Queen

An original adaptation by Michael Martinez

With original music and lyrics by Michael Martinez

January 11 – March 22, 2015

Sunday afternoons at 1:00 PM

The Snow Queen was used to living alone until the terrible, fateful day when she was captured by a pair of wacky circus performers. To escape a life juggling icicles and skating in circles with monkeys and clowns, she must call on all her powers of snow and ice. But she will soon find that friendship is the most powerful magic of all. The audience becomes part of the story–and maybe even the circus–in this fun, fast-paced, family-friendly adventure.



Winston McPepper and the Very Puppet-y Problem

Written by Stephen Frankenfield and Kristian Kissel

April 12 – June 7, 2015

Sunday afternoons at 1:00 PM

Winston the puppet is out to write and direct the perfect show. He’s got an amazing cast and the perfect theatre; however, some say that puppets are a thing of the past, and the success of TV shows like “The Wonderfully Happy Hour” seem to prove them right. With the help of some friends, Winston and his cast will do everything they can to ensure the world does not forget about him and all of his puppet pals.



Titles and dates subject to change. For more information call (520) 327-4242 or email livetheatreworkshop@gmail.com