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JUNE 19 - JULY 20, 2008

Prelude to a Kiss

PRELUDE TO A KISS at Live Theatre Workshop

By Craig Lucas

Directed by Terry Erbe

Starring Nate Weisband,
Dallas Thomas,
David Johnston,
Peg Peterson,
Nick Cianciotto,
Jeff Robinson,
Rhonda Hallquist,
Butch Lynn,
and Kiley Reid


PRELUDE TO A KISS at Live Theatre Workshop


A boy (Nate Weisband) meets a girl (Dallas Thomas). Boy and girl fall in love and get married, and on the wedding day an old man (David Johnston) wanders into the reception and asks to kiss the bride. When he does, their souls switch bodies. The Old Man is thrilled, the girl is horrified, and the boy is totally confused. Relationships are put to the test, and self discoveries are abound as they struggle with the question, "How to get back in their right bodies?" Audiences will laugh, think and smile from ear to ear at this beautiful, romantic comedy.

Special live musical interludes performed by Amy Erbe and Carson Wright.