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DECEMBER 18 - JANUARY 25, 2009

Beau Jest

BEAU JEST at Live Theatre Workshop

By James Sherman

Directed by Leslie J. Miller

Starring Elizabeth Leadon,
Bill Epstein,
Peg Peterson,
Gary McGaha,
Chris Moseley,
and Steve McKee



"A Light, sweet, romantic comedy" - Chicago Tribune

Sarah Goldman (Elizabeth Leadon) is a nice Jewish girl with big problems - her parents! (Bill Epstein and Peg Peterson) They can't believe she has not found a nice Jewish boy to marry….her clock is ticking. Well, Sarah has found a nice boy to marry - a WASP accountant named Chris Kringle (Gary McGaha). Time to meet the parents. So, Sarah calls on an escort service to send her a Jewish date. Enter Bob (Chris Moseley) who is not a date but an aspiring young actor who insists he can play the part. Will the actor fool the parents? Will Sarah resist his charm? And will dinner go as planned or turn into a giant food fight? Fun and laughter for all to enjoy!

Also starring Steve McKee


Steve McKee, Peg Peterson, Bill Epstein, Chris Moseley, and Elizabeth Leadon in BEAU JEST at Live Theatre Workshop (Clockwise from top left) Bill Epstein, Peg Peterson, Chris Mosely, Elizabeth Leadon, and Gary McGaha in BEAU JEST at Live Theatre Workshop Elizabeth Leadon and Chris Moseley in BEAU JEST at Live Theatre Workshop