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Young Playwrights of Tucson


August 1, 2020 at 5:00 PM

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$6 each

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Live Theatre Workshop's Children's Theatre is excited to announce our Young Playwrights of Tucson Competition performances. Young playwrights from our very own community submitted short plays this past February. Live Theatre Workshop awarded the top 6 playwrights the opportunity to workshop their scripts with Tucson's local professional playwrights. Not only do we have young talented playwrights; some of the best youth actors in town have been working hard to produce these shows with their mentors. Join us for our 1st annual Young Playwrights of Tucson showcase. This is an event for all ages.

About the Shows

At the End of the Rainbow

Written by Julian Keefer

Directed by Gretchen Wirges

With her grandmother’s approval, a young girl sets out with her annoyed older brother on a search to find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Little do they know, pirate Captain Bluepants and his enthusiastic crewmate Jack are hoping to find the same gold. Neither find the riches they were looking for, but they teach a valuable lesson about appreciating the little things, the golden rule, and what it means to be kind. 

Calista Morrison as Molly
Mika Fricke as Sam
Amaya Ravenell as Grandma Lucy/Captain Blue Pants
Matthew Frankenfield as Jack

Curing Greed

Written by Karen Jie

Directed by Stephen Frankenfield

The world has changed. Or has it? Two has been isolated in a room for most of her life. She has no memory of who she is or how she ended up there. The only information she has been given is that they are in the middle of a great war, started by greed. Her mission is to end that war forever. Will she succeed? Or, will she find out there’s more to the cure for greed than even she expected?

Maddy Hensley-Kingery as Two
Anya Moseke as Alison
Ariel Cheng as Doctor
Daniela Levy as Assistant

No Other Nemesis

Written by Catherine Oda

Directed by Richard Gremel

Space Lady the hero and Dr. V the villain have been nemeses for who knows how long... Until the Masqueraider, a new villain, tries to destroy the city that Space Lady and Dr. V have been fighting over! In the end, they both realise that sometimes you need a friend, even if the only friend you can get is your worst enemy. Through the power of teamwork, and the reliable incompetence of all villains, they save the city in a battle of Good and Evil versus Slightly More Evil. 

Catherine Oda as Dr. V
Maddy Hensley-Kingery as Space Lady
Mika Fricke as Masqueraider
Nate Wiley as Toby
Riley Snyder as Reporter

Turn of the Century

Written by Cassie Miller

Directed by Gretchen Wirges

It’s the year 1899, just a few days before the new year. Eleanor and Carter Anderson, a couple with questionable actions and motives, face their consciousness and potentially fatal consequences. Troubled neighbor Josie-Ruth, and Carter’s classmate Margaret Grey find themselves embroiled as accomplice and whistleblower in the Anderson’s cruel plot. Will the turn of the century prove to condemn or redeem? 

Raeanna Bejarano as Eleanor Anderson
Charlie McLaughlin as Carter Anderson
Anya Moseke as Margaret Grey
Amya Ravenell as Josie-Ruth Turner

Murder Party

Written by Alexander Cramton

Directed by Stephen Frankenfield

It's your everyday party: Drinks, sandwiches, butlers, and, of course...murder. Who done it? Join us as we follow the greatest local detective through his investigation. Will he discover who the murderer is? Or, will he uncover a secret that not even he saw coming? This crime will take more than his master sleuthing abilities. Our detective may have to look deep within himself to solve this mystery.

Charlie McLaughlin as Butler
Matthew Frankenfield as Detective
Clara Rocha as Homeowner/Police Officer
Dayna Bustamante as Partygoer #1
Nate Wiley as Partygoer #2 

Card House

Written by Jake Taylor

Directed by Richard Gremel

When Sam’s mistake is interpreted as intentional, Rosie cuts him off. Even when he tries to show her that he is different from the other men in her life, Rosie cannot see, and cannot forgive. But somehow she gives advice to others about the very same thing. 

Cassie Miller as Rosie 
Charlie McLaughlin as Sam 
Myla Gonzales as Kody 
Connor Carney as Peter/Ron


About the Young Playwrights of Tucson Competition

Six winners were selected from 20 submissions to the first annual Live Theatre Workshop Young Playwrights competition. The young playwrights submitted original short plays in a variety of genres no more than 7 pages in length. The winners are youth aged 12-17 from Tucson, Marana and Vail. They are paired with local, experienced adult playwrights who will help them workshop their scripts.

“We were very pleased with the number of submissions this first time around. We initially thought we’d have three winners, but the quality was so good and the scoring so close, we decided to award six young playwrights,” said LTW Director of Children’s Programming Amanda Gremel. “We’re thrilled to add this new program to our theatre education lineup of programs that includes year-round classes and summer camps for kindergarteners through twelfth graders.”

More about the winners:

 Alexander Cramton for “Murder Party”
6th grade, Esperero Canyon Middle School

Alexander has participated in the educational programs at Live Theatre Workshop for five years. His favorite roles include Pinocchio in SHREK THE MUSICAL, Edgar in THE ARISTOCATS, Ted Handsome in THE DAY ZOMBIES ATTACKED FAIRFIELD THE TOWN WHERE NOTHING EVER HAPPENS, and Joe Picalio in ONCE UPON AN ORPHANAGE. In Spring 2019, Alexander made his debut on the LTW Mainstage as Ainsley in APPROPRIATE. “Murder Party” is the first play that Alexander has written.

 Karen Jie for “Curing Greed”
Senior, The Gregory School

Karen is a lover of all arts and forms of storytelling, and she enjoys acting, writing, and reading in her free time. When she isn't at school, she enjoys podcasting, filming, and drawing cartoons about her life and the things around her.

 Julian Keefer for “At the End of the Rainbow”
Freshman, University High School

Julian has acted at Live Theatre Workshop since 2012. His favorite roles were Worm in PENNY DREADFULS and Helena in A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM. Two plays based on his writing have been performed at his middle school and “Curing Greed” is his first play being performed at LTW. In his spare time, Juilian enjoys reading, writing, drawing, playing the guitar and singing.

 Cassie Miller for “Turn of the Century”
Senior, Empire High School

Cassie has served as a council member at ATCteen for four years and is the program’s current historian. She has also been a thespian officer at her high school for two years, currently serving as Thespian President of Troupe 7057. In April 2019, she wrote and produced her first play, “Ten O’clock Sharp,” through ATCteen. Since that first amazing experience she has continued to grow in her craft, submitting her work to AZ ThesFest and had the opportunity to see another play come to life at Empire Theatre’s first annual 24 Hour Play Fest. While she loves playwrighting, most of her theatrical experience is on the stage. Some of her favorite roles have been Antigone (Empire High), Matilda Wormwood (ATC Summer on Stage), Queen Gertrude (ATCteen), and Janet Van De Graaff (Empire High). She was nominated for the Tucson Starlight/Monte Awards for her performances of Morticia Addams, Elle Woods, and Janet Van De Graaff, all performed through Empire. Cassie also has growing experience in costume designing and stage. She plans on attending Arizona State University.

 Catherine Oda for “No Other Nemesis”
Freshman, home schooled

Catherine has been in Live Theatre Workshop programs since 2016. Her favorite roles include the Dragon from SHREK, Puck from A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM, and Tinkerbell from PETER PAN. She has written two plays and is working on many others. In her free time, she enjoys drawing, singing, writing and studying law.

 Jake Taylor for “Card House”
Senior, Empire High School

Jake is a singer, actor, writer, performer and new playwright. He graduates from high school this year and plans to attend Brigham Young University in the fall and will major in theatre education. He has performed in many choirs, orchestras, and theatre events across Arizona, and won the John Siler Memorial Scholarship at the Arizona State Thespian Festival in 2019 for his passion and talent in theatre and teaching. In addition to teaching, Jake hopes to continue writing plays, and is writing and releasing music as an independent artist. “Card House” is his first play that will be performed.


Amanda Gremel
Director of Children’s Programming
Live Theatre Workshop

3322 E. Fort Lowell Rd.
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