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We produce theatre and theatre education in Tucson that entertains, educates, and enlightens children, adults, and families.

Live Theatre Workshop
3322 E Fort Lowell Rd
Tucson, AZ 85716
Reservations: (520) 327-4242

LTW's Children's Theatre - THE SUMMER 2021 SEASON

Live Theatre Workshop presents two plays in the Summer 2021 season from local playwrights and musicians. Season ticket packages and individual tickets can be purchased by calling (520) 327-4242. Single show tickets can also be purchased online.



Written and Directed by Richard Gremel
Music by Michael Martinez

July 16 - August 1, 2021

Everyone knows the classic princess stories, you know the ones that always begin with “Once Upon a Time”. Those classic tales of magic, dreams, fantasy, and true love. But do you think those stories still hold up in today’s modern world? Is there still true love and bibbity-bobbity-boos in this age of smartphones and Wi-Fi? Would all those princesses still live happily ever after? Two narrators battle it out in an attempt to answer these questions. It is “Princess meets Present” when the stories of Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Rapunzel, Beauty & the Beast, and Cinderella are given a modern twist and told Once Upon THIS Time.

Fridays and Saturdays at 7:00pm
Sundays at 3:00pm

$10 for Children
$12 for Adults

Seating: Children’s Theatre


by Tyler West
Music by David Ragland

August 29 - September 26, 2021

Here at Camp Catalina we are all about being kind to each other and the wilderness around us. Join us for the first ever Woodland Games: a fun competition to see which campers apply all the knowledge they have learned during their adventure in the woods. The Woodland Games winners will receive a wonderful prize! There will be tent making, there will be knot tying, there will be arts and crafting, there will be s'more eating, and there will certainly be drama and mystery! Come along for this campout and help these wonderful characters solve the mysteries of Camp Catalina.

Sundays at 1:00pm

$7 for Children
$10 for Adults

Seating: Children’s Theatre

About LTW's Children's Theatre Series

Our Children's Theatre program deepens our connection to kids and families by offering interactive musical theatre performances at Live Theatre Workshop and in more than 15 schools across the city. These performances have become a tradition for Tucson families. Kids are introduced to and learn to love theatre through this program, and many continue on to take LTW classes and even advance to become performers in these shows themselves.


Children's Theatre Writers

Click on pictures to read biographies of some of the writers of LTW Family Series plays.